Catching up with my Train of Thoughts


March 2015

What’s in my boot?

It’s no surprise for me to be up before the sun is up, nor is it weird to wear a thick jacket for spring. 

What is weird is what I found in my boot just I was putting it on. There was something inside. I flipped it upside down, shook it and out came an iPod Shuffle.

On the way to Concordia, I thought of how it was possible for the iPod to somehow fall into my boot without my knowing. I couldn’t think of anything that seemed realistic.

For now, I should probably find out how to charge it… There’s only an audio jack  



No search in WordPress?

Might post a little more than usual today, considering this is procrastination in the works.

I started wondering if maybe I could find any of my friends that use WordPress but, to my surprise, I couldn’t find any type of search engine within the site.

(maybe it’s just me and i’m jumping to conclusions.. or maybe I’m drinking too much coffee at once)

Still looking around with the help of Google… If I find them, I might stalk follow a few of them.

Where to look? Where to go?

Life at 8am

Some of my friends wonder how I get up at such odd hours, but after having this habit for a long while, I no longer see it as an odd hour. 

Look around the streets in the morning, over the next block. 

Listen without your ears plugged in. 

Life is not quiet at 8 in the morning, nor is the weather today it seems 


Looking 360°

 Conveniently, I got a bill where my number was 360… Like the # of degrees in a circle. 

It kind of reminded about critical thinking, where we are reminded to try to consider all angles. The receipt was long and the manager had already folded it in half… Then I had an idea:

What one sees as a simple bill from McDonald’s, I see as a potential abstract piece of art. 

As a critical thinker, always think… Outside the box 

Wake up and go!

Sometimes, I wonder how people wake up at ridiculous hours to work so early in the morning. In places like Chapters, which often has early hours even on the weekend, employees are walking around and talking to the customers all the while looking as though waking at this time is perfectly normal.

It’s something to admire because it’s a skill that students also need to attend classes at 8:45 in the morning, since not everyone lives close to campus. I suppose it’s no surprise that having such a habit takes time to develop and, after a while, it just seems normal…

Until it hits the summer, that is.

(just a couple of months!)

A different angle on names

First entry/posting (not sure what to call it) I wasn’t sure what to call the blog, so I started looking for the meaning behind my name. The result was Black Eagle, which I thought to be a very dark depiction. Eagles, like many other big birds are carnivores and the colour black is dark and often seen as being sinister. However, many eagles are admired as living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence while the colour black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power. It’s funny how the first impression that I had was that it was the opposite of my own personality. Looking into it further, I think that it might have very well captured my very essence.

A Black Eagle

To reveal all at once or only one part at a time

I know myself to be a bit of a chatterbox, telling stories, drawing, taking photos – stuff like that.

I also know that the things that are expressed can often tell others a lot about myself – what do i like, what i dislike, my personality, who i like, who I dislike…

in times like this, I think about whether or not to go full out in saying who I am. On one hand, it makes it easier for others to find me and the projects that I’m working on. On the other hand, it makes all of this to be open to unwanted opinions and criticism.

But that’s the price of today’s technology and of the Internet – that when we write something here, it becomes open to anyone and everyone. It’s the risk we take when taking a step outside of our comfort zone.

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