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April 2015

The Two are Completely Different 

Have you ever gone to visit a place that you used to go to when you were younger? Or listen to a song that you haven’t heard in years? Or seen a movie that you saw as a kid? 

You ever notice how different it looks? How it doesn’t hold the same cherished feelings as it once did?

Visiting Old Montreal this morning, it was something on my mind. Like many, I visited the Science centre and saw the fascinating exhibits when I was a kid, along with my classmates. Today, many students that were doing just that, exploring the area like the lost kids that they were. I also noticed that contrast to my classmates who were interested in the history and facts, these kids were mostly interested in their phones. How times change.

While walking around the Science Centre, memories came back of young kids running around with screams of excitement as they looked at the free exhibits and as they looked at the exposition encased in glass. However, walking around today, I realized that it had been taken away, as we had to have a ticket to access the areas that would once bring any child a sparkle in their eyes.

The area that once hosted the Circque du Soleil had been cleared out, leaving a large lot of nothing but rocks and sand. Never really realized how big the area was since I always remembered it being filled with large circus tents, the sounds of announcements, and the feelings of excitement and wonder that would fill the nights. This morning, it was quiet, hearing only the movement of rocks as I walked through and the occasional tourist discussing something. 

I never quite realized how much this place had changed and how the places we could once see for free would now cost us money. 

As Earl Nightingale said, “What costs us money can be replaced, but what costs us nothing is irreplaceable.” I guess some people are trying to prove otherwise.


Being Reminded Once More

I just finished listening and writing about  “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale for my motivation goal (which is… in 11 days)

Funny enough, a lot of Nightingale said is familiar from other movies of which I have seen. Lately, a lot of Disney movies, I find that there’s often a moral to the story. In Mulan, a girl enters the army to find herself falling in love with her captain and successfully fights the war. When I hear that people tend to succeed when they find a worthy ideal, it reminded me of the song in which those soldiers sing about “a girl worth fighting for.”

Over and over again, he mentions about how we are what we think. In Sociology and Psychology (might be mentioned in other fields), there’s a topic of which discusses how we tend to follow the description of a label that we’ve been given. If we label ourselves as a failure, we tend to stay as a failure. If we label ourselves as a success, we tend to stay as a success.

The only tricky part is actually believing it (Remember – “You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?”). The experiment that he suggested is a challenging one, but now is good of a time as any, since my exams are over and because it is summer vacations.

The first step is reminding myself what it is that I really want.

Fast with technology and Slower without

What kind of music do you listen to? What kind of games do you play? What kind of things do you read? How often do you use an electronic device while travelling, to past the time?

Have you ever notice that, when you’re not using it, time slows down a little bit, or it looks like it slows down. 

I notice that we use technology as a means of escape for boredom or to make use of the long times on transit. I guess, from there, it wouldn’t be a surprise how many are often in a hurry, given that their perception of time is accelerated and they think everyone is slower than they actually are. 

So try it out. Unplug from your device on the way to work/school. What do you notice? Does time go slower? Do you notice an odd sign that you’ve never seen before? Do buildings look odd or fascinating? 

While technology allows us to connect and entertain ourselves in a flash, we should always remember that we ourselves are not as fast, not matter how much we wish it to be so. 

Working, worked, now what?

Just finished my last exam for the semester (yay me!)…. Now what?

As I try to think of what to do, the projects that I’ve created on this new blog of mine. I also remember the pile of books that I have in my bookshelf that I’ve been meaning to read. 

So what next? 

First, make a list of things that I plan on doing over the rest of the week (like listening to the strangest secret) 

(Or maybe that’s too broad – the todo list for the next 3days?) 

Wanting Versus Needing

Oddly enough, I have an exam this Saturday afternoon, hence the reason why I’m on campus at such an hour. 

Last night, I had plenty of sleep and got up fine. Yet, by the time I had arrived at the Webster Library, I found myself wanting a cup of coffee (I say “Coffee,” I mean a French Vanilla) from Tim’s. 

It wasn’t like I needed a cup, I just wanted it. I wasn’t particularly tired or groggy, but it stayed in my head until I bought one. 

I remember from Biology that caffeine was a psychoactive drug, but I also remember a friend working at Tim Hortons saying that there practically no caffeine inside (it’s better to ask for an espresso shot inside). 

Makes me wonder, what is it that makes me want to buy one, even when I don’t need it? Is it because I’m addicted to it (been having a good stride resisting caffeine)? Is it because I see everyone else buying one (long line at the café in the Library Building)? 

Protected: What do you see?

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Sounds and Noises

Depending on who you ask, they might be the same of they might be two completely different things. 

I know, from my psych classes, that our brains are wired to look for patterns. In the case of communications, looking for patterns often mean listening to the whole of the conversation to get a general understanding. 

Listening to friends having a Spanish conversation, I found myself trying to figure out what they were talking about. I recognized a few words, but not enough to fully understand. As a result, ten minutes into their discussion, I started to treat them like noise as I continued to study/review for my finals. 

Times like this remind me how people think differently depending on how many languages they know. To people who know Spanish, they would occasionally, subconsciously listen into the conversation. For those who aren’t familiar with the language, it doesn’t sound like anything and is treated as static. 

But, be careful. In static can be hidden messages, or simply randomly generated pixels. 

Painful to do simple things

We take everything for granted – Sound familiar?

From walking and breathing to having a computer to having a home, we all have things of which we don’t give a second thought.

Still going through the day with a cough, I wake up today with my throat hurting as I swallow, which makes me think about how little I do to take care of myself. Like many other things, health requires constant maintenance, which many take for granted. Like smoking, health would degrade over time until simple things like breathing become difficult and painful.

I know some who are athletes and, because they don’t exercise beforehand, often end up spraining a muscle somewhere (like an ankle), which makes it difficult to walk. When I used to play badminton, I overdid it and often had a sore shoulder for the next week.

And our phones – not many can live without it, nowadays. When you develop something like a sprain/arthritis, something as simple as typing (or even pressing a button) can be hell.

Whatever it is that we do everyday, we don;t realize how lucky we are until our ability to do that very thing is taken away and is replaced with pain.

When you’re doing what you love, make sure that you also love yourself by taking care of your own body.

(Now excuse me while I go gargle some more salt water *coughs/hacks*

CARROT: “You and me. We’re done. Professionally”

Me: “It’s not like you’re going to get sick anytime soon, CARROT”)

Going or Staying, all in the name of being productive

Ever hear the parents say that kids should be able to work at home? Ever see the students studying at those expensive coffee shops (guilty)? Ever hear some people say that the bedroom should be only for sleeping? (Ever see the kids writing away in their rooms?)

With all of these “expressed rules,” how are we to figure out where to study/work?

Ever hear others say that they can only work with noise and still others with silence? Ever see those who can only work in when sitting on the ground and others when they’re pacing around the room?

Everyone is productive in their own ways. I know some to work best while burning the midnight oil and also know some who can only work during specific hours. I know some that have no problem working at home and others would go out to avoid being restless at home.
I still have yet to figure out which environment best suits me in doing something productive. I would like to say that I work best at Uni, but it takes up to 2 hours to get there. I would like to say that I can work with music, but there are some songs that tempt me to dance rather than work.

One of the learning specialists suggested that if you’re going to listen to music, listen to it at a low volume.
And to listen to calm music, not Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good” (Okay, she didn’t say that specifically, but it is a catchy, dancing-energy song, which is not helpful in thinking)

I find it helps to listen to soundtrack music, like the music you would here in Movies (action movies seem to do the job). As a result, I downloaded the entire Big Hero 6 soundtrack and I often listen to it when working.

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