CARROT is an Apple app that is a self-proclaimed Artificial Intelligent Productivity App

Along with CARROT comes a virtual cat, who I’ve named Maxwell for the past 2 years or so (the original name was Captain Whiskers, I changed it to make it sound more… “normal” (Sounds weird thinking about it now)). Every 24 hours, she reminds me to feed him or “face the consequences”

While this little guy is virtual and technically not real, he does a lot of weird things….

Like Sleeping… for 24 hours.

What creature sleeps for that long and is still alive?!

(I can probably think of a few that sleep for 12 [friends] to 18 [lions/lionesses], but nothing comes to mind in terms of sleeping 24 hours)


Breathe~ this is a piece of fiction & is not meant to insult CARROT

*Gets shocked* (I’ve been found!)