Yesterday was April 2nd, the day of which many students of Concordia took to the streets to object the future changes to the Public Sector Budget Cuts (among others) (The Concordia Student Contingent, it’s called).

Over the weeks, students of various departments have been standing in front of their classes, blocking their classes in an attempt to persuade the teacher (or TA) to cancel the class and to convey how strongly they believe that something should be done. My department was one of those that was barely swung to not go on strike, so I went to class as usual while watching the other students, courageous as they are, make their voices heard. Even the Hive Cafes in both Campuses closed yesterday to pitch in.

Around 12:30, they kept true to their promise, standing outside the Hall building with signs and a large banner that indicated their purpose and goals. I simply watched from a distance as they collectively walked down Guy. It was only later that I hear that they were joined by thousands others, flooding the streets, their voices joining together as one.


I hope all goes all well. Good on you guys.