She looked between the two as they threw arguments back and forth. For the past few minutes, they had been arguing about which was better – cats or dogs. She kept quiet as she watched, thinking “Why couldn’t they say that both were nice and cute?”

“Amy!” Her friend, Lindsay, said suddenly, “Wouldn’t you agree?!”

“T-To what?” Amy said, confused,

“Cats are the best!” Lindsay scoffed,

“I can’t really say that since I’m allergic to them.” Amy said, laughing nervously

“And they cough up so many hairballs.” Amy’s other friend, Stephanie, said,

“No, they don’t!” Lindsay said, clearly getting annoyed,

“I don’t see what’s so bad about them.” Amy murmured, as the two started once more in the same argument. She liked cats for the cute, gentle side. She was glad that she wasn’t fully involved in the argument, because she knew that she would lose very quickly. She was terrible at seeing the bad in anything, as many of her friends told her. She often saw the good first before the bad.

If someone were to ask her why she didn’t think cats to be the best, she wouldn’t be able to answer. Yet, thinking about it, there was something about cats that she knew that she didn’t like, but she couldn’t word it… what was it?