Applying for a job, or anything for that matter, is never easy.

You often have to fill out forms and explain why you would like to be considered in joining the group. In my case, it’s writing a cover letter and explaining what it is that I would contribute to the team. According to the CAPS’ outline, the first paragraph would describe my knowledge of the department; the second would describe why the department manager (whoever it is) should choose me among the many other applicants; there’s an optional third where I would describe my relevant past experience. If not, the third is simply to encourage an interview in the future and to leave contact information.

The thing about the second paragraph – I don’t know how to word it.

I designed a potential logo for the group and I volunteered for some of the orientation events. I am outgoing and usually blunt, not holding much back. I love making new friends and learning new things, regardless if it is a little hard to understand at first.

In relation to the rest of the team, maybe I would be able to make some of their ideas come to life. Maybe I would be able to bring in a lot of students to participate in the upcoming events and to make them aware of whom they could turn to, should they need help.

I’ve gone to CAPS many times over the past few weeks, repeatedly going over the cover letter and the resume. Hopefully, as I hand in my application today, all will go well.