Have you ever heard the sounds of the underground metro? 

The quick pace of hundreds, maybe thousands of people heading in the same direction, like a stampede. Some are leaving the metro while others are entering it, never pausing for a moment to see if they had missed anything (or anyone)

The groaning of the escalators as they carry hundreds of people up or down the various levels, like a rhino charging  back and forth. 

The sounds of the cars waiting impatiently to move onto the next station, like horses waiting to make use of their powerful legs. 

The tone that indicates that the doors are closing, that the car would be leaving the passengers behind, like a mother goose calling for all of the chicks. 

The automated voice that tells the name of the next station, with a voice that has been all too familiar with the names, like an eagle with years of catching prey. 

The occasional sounds of someone almost literally sprinting into the vehicle, huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. 

Have you heard the sounds of the metro?