Do you ever have someone in your life that has a habit that you think is unique to them?

I have such a person in my life, but I’m reminded that it’s not as uncommon as I thought. Like many others, this person has the odd habit of falling asleep when in a vehicle (except if they’re the driver). And when they do, it doesn’t take long for them to snore.

As I rode the train this afternoon, I found myself sitting near another such person, nodding half-awake before falling asleep and snoring within the next 30 seconds. Every once in a while, he would jolt awake, but then goes back. Given that most were plugged in, they didn’t really seem to mind.

Times like this remind me that while most think of ourselves to be unique, maybe that is only because we have yet to meet someone who is like us. Because, among the other 7 billion, we are not as uncommon as we might think.