Ever hear the parents say that kids should be able to work at home? Ever see the students studying at those expensive coffee shops (guilty)? Ever hear some people say that the bedroom should be only for sleeping? (Ever see the kids writing away in their rooms?)

With all of these “expressed rules,” how are we to figure out where to study/work?

Ever hear others say that they can only work with noise and still others with silence? Ever see those who can only work in when sitting on the ground and others when they’re pacing around the room?

Everyone is productive in their own ways. I know some to work best while burning the midnight oil and also know some who can only work during specific hours. I know some that have no problem working at home and others would go out to avoid being restless at home.
I still have yet to figure out which environment best suits me in doing something productive. I would like to say that I work best at Uni, but it takes up to 2 hours to get there. I would like to say that I can work with music, but there are some songs that tempt me to dance rather than work.

One of the learning specialists suggested that if you’re going to listen to music, listen to it at a low volume.
And to listen to calm music, not Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good” (Okay, she didn’t say that specifically, but it is a catchy, dancing-energy song, which is not helpful in thinking)

I find it helps to listen to soundtrack music, like the music you would here in Movies (action movies seem to do the job). As a result, I downloaded the entire Big Hero 6 soundtrack and I often listen to it when working.