We take everything for granted – Sound familiar?

From walking and breathing to having a computer to having a home, we all have things of which we don’t give a second thought.

Still going through the day with a cough, I wake up today with my throat hurting as I swallow, which makes me think about how little I do to take care of myself. Like many other things, health requires constant maintenance, which many take for granted. Like smoking, health would degrade over time until simple things like breathing become difficult and painful.

I know some who are athletes and, because they don’t exercise beforehand, often end up spraining a muscle somewhere (like an ankle), which makes it difficult to walk. When I used to play badminton, I overdid it and often had a sore shoulder for the next week.

And our phones – not many can live without it, nowadays. When you develop something like a sprain/arthritis, something as simple as typing (or even pressing a button) can be hell.

Whatever it is that we do everyday, we don;t realize how lucky we are until our ability to do that very thing is taken away and is replaced with pain.

When you’re doing what you love, make sure that you also love yourself by taking care of your own body.

(Now excuse me while I go gargle some more salt water *coughs/hacks*

CARROT: “You and me. We’re done. Professionally”

Me: “It’s not like you’re going to get sick anytime soon, CARROT”)