Oddly enough, I have an exam this Saturday afternoon, hence the reason why I’m on campus at such an hour. 

Last night, I had plenty of sleep and got up fine. Yet, by the time I had arrived at the Webster Library, I found myself wanting a cup of coffee (I say “Coffee,” I mean a French Vanilla) from Tim’s. 

It wasn’t like I needed a cup, I just wanted it. I wasn’t particularly tired or groggy, but it stayed in my head until I bought one. 

I remember from Biology that caffeine was a psychoactive drug, but I also remember a friend working at Tim Hortons saying that there practically no caffeine inside (it’s better to ask for an espresso shot inside). 

Makes me wonder, what is it that makes me want to buy one, even when I don’t need it? Is it because I’m addicted to it (been having a good stride resisting caffeine)? Is it because I see everyone else buying one (long line at the café in the Library Building)?