I just finished listening and writing about  “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale for my motivation goal (which is… in 11 days)

Funny enough, a lot of Nightingale said is familiar from other movies of which I have seen. Lately, a lot of Disney movies, I find that there’s often a moral to the story. In Mulan, a girl enters the army to find herself falling in love with her captain and successfully fights the war. When I hear that people tend to succeed when they find a worthy ideal, it reminded me of the song in which those soldiers sing about “a girl worth fighting for.”

Over and over again, he mentions about how we are what we think. In Sociology and Psychology (might be mentioned in other fields), there’s a topic of which discusses how we tend to follow the description of a label that we’ve been given. If we label ourselves as a failure, we tend to stay as a failure. If we label ourselves as a success, we tend to stay as a success.

The only tricky part is actually believing it (Remember – “You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?”). The experiment that he suggested is a challenging one, but now is good of a time as any, since my exams are over and because it is summer vacations.

The first step is reminding myself what it is that I really want.