Have you ever gone to visit a place that you used to go to when you were younger? Or listen to a song that you haven’t heard in years? Or seen a movie that you saw as a kid? 

You ever notice how different it looks? How it doesn’t hold the same cherished feelings as it once did?

Visiting Old Montreal this morning, it was something on my mind. Like many, I visited the Science centre and saw the fascinating exhibits when I was a kid, along with my classmates. Today, many students that were doing just that, exploring the area like the lost kids that they were. I also noticed that contrast to my classmates who were interested in the history and facts, these kids were mostly interested in their phones. How times change.

While walking around the Science Centre, memories came back of young kids running around with screams of excitement as they looked at the free exhibits and as they looked at the exposition encased in glass. However, walking around today, I realized that it had been taken away, as we had to have a ticket to access the areas that would once bring any child a sparkle in their eyes.

The area that once hosted the Circque du Soleil had been cleared out, leaving a large lot of nothing but rocks and sand. Never really realized how big the area was since I always remembered it being filled with large circus tents, the sounds of announcements, and the feelings of excitement and wonder that would fill the nights. This morning, it was quiet, hearing only the movement of rocks as I walked through and the occasional tourist discussing something. 

I never quite realized how much this place had changed and how the places we could once see for free would now cost us money. 

As Earl Nightingale said, “What costs us money can be replaced, but what costs us nothing is irreplaceable.” I guess some people are trying to prove otherwise.