Do you have someone who can never quite speak correctly?

… Ever mishear what they say?

I know that they don’t mean it (usually), but when they snap, it kind of hurts. From their perspective, maybe they’re recovering from a dental operation or have an allergic reaction (it is allergy season in Canada), so they might not be feeling so positive about the world (that’s putting it lightly). And so, when they’re misunderstood, it might just enhance that subjective view (the generalized other tend to be shaped on our emotions).

Times like this remind me of psychology and sociology, where it was often discussed that how we see others depend on our present emotions and on our experiences.

For those who are frequently with people that have speaking challenges (permanent), they have a lot of patience because their view consists of being aware of the many challenges.

However, for those of whom have individuals that have temporary/seasonal speaking challenges, it might be an unfamiliar ground, hence the miscommunications. They – those listening – might try to be understanding, but given that they’re not exposed to this kind of verbal communication, the temporal lobes might misunderstand what is said (close, but no cigar). 

In either case, should ever find ourselves in a situation where we couldn’t speak to the same, usual extent, we should take a moment to consider the others’ view and to try and project what we mean to say in an alternative fashion