Ever wish that your life was more adventurous? Or that your life was more normal or quiet?

Ever wish that you were more courageous or quieter? Born in a different family in a different part of the world?

Sherlock Holmes once said that “no matter the disguise, it will always be an alternative version of yourself.” Why is that we often wish for our lives to be different? Why do we sometimes create disguises or aliases to not be recognized?

Some might say it is to protect ourselves on the Worldwide Web. Others might say it’s just for fun (like a pen name that they’d would associate with pieces of art). Others still is to separate their personal life with a life in which they could whatever they want (in other words, a double life). 

Living in a place where we practically swim in wi-fi, I find myself having that same desire frequently, talking with others under various aliases. Among one of them, I’m a writer. With another, an artist. And a third, a caffeine addict. 

Having written a few amateur short stories, I think Sherlock is right – disguises are only an alternative version of ourselves. We might change our name and appearance, but a complete change of personality? That would be the hardest part of a disguise.