Have you ever slept on your side only to find that your hips hurt? Crack a joint and then feel sore for a while? Cross your legs while sitting and find that your legs have gone to sleep?

Why do we put our bodies in positions that would later cause us trouble?

Some might say that sitting with their legs crossed is comfortable, or that they can only sleep on their side. Others might say that cracking the joints make them more flexible, or that they use it as intimidating tactic.

I have yet to find scientific proof that cracking joints is bad, but it does often leave my joints sore. Sitting with legs crossed leave many friends staggering as the blood starts to flow again to their legs. I’ve heard of people complaining of back problems while they hunch over their computer.

When I see people like this, commenting on how their habits of certain positions cause them bodily problems, it reminds me of how we take things for granted. We do things that we know are going to cost later.

We drink coffee frequently, all the while being aware of the increasing addiction. Students sit with their laptops on their stomach, not knowing what can happen should the laptop overheat. Teenagers listen to music at loud volumes, oblivious to the possibility of them going deaf later on.

Writing this, I lowered the volume of my favourite music and sat up right. Chances are that it’ll take a while to improve my… Not-so-healthy habits, but change is never instant, nor is it ever perfect.