Have you ever wished that you learned something sooner? or that you could show something that you just learned to your younger version?

Jokingly, I could go on about how much of a paradox it would be if we were to change our timeline – and make a bunch of Doctor Who or Back to the Future references – but there is some truth to such a ridiculous statement. While there is a good chance that things might have been different had we learned this earlier, we can’t go back into the past. Even if we did, our past selves might not be as open to learning it than we would think (either that, or our alteration would result in our present self disappearing because our past selves never got to that point in their lives)

One thing that I’ve learned recently is that dwelling on what should’ve been puts a dark filter on how we see life. Instead, appreciate that you’ve learned it now and move on with this new information, informing and teaching others of what you’ve learned.

Rather than thinking about wanting to learn things sooner rather than later, I’m simply happy to learn them at all, because it’s better late than never

(Wow, that sounds cheesy)