Over the past while, I looked in a wide variety of stores in Downtown Montreal to find a perfect gift in time for Mother’s Day.

In the process, I stumbled onto parts of the neighbourhood that I had never seen and stores that no one would take a second look at, but none of them had anything that I feel would be satisfactory.

Among many stores, I often looked for the advice from the employees, many of whom were mothers themselves. As I listened to them, I found myself being reminded of something so simple of which I was forgetting. Earl Nightingale said in his “Strangest Secret” that “Anything that costs us financially can be replaced, but anything that costs us nothing can never be replaced”.

When talking with friends about what they would do for Mother’s Day, the responses were wide in variety. One said that she was to buy a necklace, another to treat his mother to dinner, another to buy her mother a ring, and another to buy a ticket to the upcoming hockey game. However, the mothers that are being treated to such items can just as easily afford those items themselves. What matters is the thought that came from the children.

It wasn’t just a necklace – it had an expression that would remind the mother of her daughter. It wasn’t just dinner at a fancy restaurant – it was a precious time for a mother to bond with her son. It wasn’t just a simple ring – it had a special engraving that was something that she had never told her mother.

Items like these often have strong psychometric values. On Tiaanamat in Doctor Who, the market was based on the exchange of items for objects of which hold a lot of memories within. If we were to exchange the listed items for something, it would be the same as exchanging memories for a mansion/hover car/jewel, which some of us might be hesitant in doing.

For mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day. 

Because, as children, we thank you for holding out during our hard times, during our heated moments. We thank you for giving us support and honest feedback, even when we thought we didn’t think we needed it. We thank you for keeping a close eye on our well-being, voicing an opinion when our room was in need of cleaning or when we had a questionable sense of fashion.

And secretly? We hope that our gift for today will be deeply valued and that the item will come to be one of the more higher-valued items during our time together.