As some might recall, my plans were kind of thrown off and I was a bit disorientated in terms of what to do next. When I speak to advisors, they often tell me that, to succeed is to keep pushing yourself because the end result is worth it. 

However, when I think of that, I think of how runners might train for a marathon. They don’t do a dry run of the full length on their first session; they practice by progressively increasing their stamina over an increasing length of a path. 

In my case, where summer has started, it would be where I work to keep myself productive at an increasing rate, then to take a break. However, the key word is a “break”, not to stop midway and scrap the entire thing altogether. 

While the break is occurring, maybe gather a list of things to do during the next “productive period” and to make it a little longer than the last. 

And, bit by bit, I would prepare myself mentally to be able to work for long periods of time… At least, that’s the plan.