Beware, there are some descriptions that may scar your mind for a while. You have been warned.

Do you know someone that loves to freak out people? Someone who loves some of which a lot of people are terrified (I.e. Spiders, worms, etc.)? Someone who talks about things that just make you cringe? Or better yet… Wears things that make you cringe?!

While travelling on public transport, I often notice people who have questionnable tastes of fashion, and that’s perfectly normal. However, there are some individuals who have a sense of fashion that make me cringe… Like a grown man with a worn sweater and a pair of baggy jeans with a hole in one of the worst places possible in the rear (and I apologize for scarring readers’ minds -Sorry!). 

Just one question – How?! How do people have purposely wear things like that and walk around town?! What purpose is there to specifically choose those clothes or that specific colour? Is the point to be memorable (that would be really achieved)? 

For the next couple of days, that image has scarred me. On a serious note, why does something unusual like that so memorable? What is it about that that makes us cringe in disgust? 

It might be norms, which tell us that that is not normal. AT ALL. Moreover, it’s not like the kind of appearance is crucial to our survival. It’s a mystery that would be interesting to solve… On the condition that I never ever see something like at ever again.