Ever check your grades online every couple hours? Ever check your email for a reply from a potential employer? Ever check your phone for a message from a loved one? 

Do you ever wish that, in scenarios like those, that you would get some kind of feedback, regardless if it’s good or bad? 

… Ever get the answer that you weren’t expecting? Get declined via email? Fail a class? 

When waiting for the reply of a potential employer, I’m often told that they will only call you if you’re selected for an interview. In other words, if you’re not selected, you never hear from the employer ever again (unless you ask them). 

Times like this make me wonder about why anxiety seems to grow in anticipation for the response and why some would be left in shock when they get the answer that they’ve been rejected or that they failed. 

The reactions would vary, of course, between crying over the rejection to raging over the rejection. There also some that just don’t react, saying that they don’t care or that it was kind of expected. 

In either case, if given the choice, I don’t know which one. I could anticipate the answer and imagine how happy I would be when I get accepted or how I would brush off the rejection and try again at another time. I could also get the answer and find myself wishing that I never knew in the first place or I would be jumping with joy. 

Which would you choose? Would you prefer to wait? Or would you prefer to hear the answer?