Music, like everything else, is noise. However, unlike some things, music is a noise in which instruments and human vocals come together to produce a short clip of distinct noise. When travelling via public transit, walking, airplane, or by car, most people use music to tune out the rest of the world. 

But at what cost? I know, from psychology, that the brain can only focus on one thing at the time and it can almost switch between tasks very quickly. However, when switching between tasks, it can get certain things mixed up. 

For students, we often use it to focus on whatever task we’re currently doing. Now, it often works,but sometimes, our brainstorming goes too fast for us to handle. 

That happened to me yesterday, as I was brainstorming for a short story, I had difficulty jotting down my thoughts while listening to “the Catalyst” by Linkin Park (among others) because my thoughts were going 1,000 kph (I’m not familiar with the conversion between kph and mph). 

At that point, it occurred to me that maybe I should switch to slower, more peaceful music. However, I remembered that some people fall asleep when listening to some music. I also remembered about how people react differently when listening to certain types of music, like tapping with upbeat songs, lip-syncing, or just plain dancing (as in, getting up from their chair and dancing). 

In the end, some people might be able to tune out the music to focus on their thoughts, but no one can actually do both simultaneously. When brainstorming for anything, maybe it’s better for there to be a sort of noise that it constant and doesn’t fluctuate in speed/pitch/tone.