I’m not sure how much we might remember from school (Elementary, High School, Possibly College), but I wonder how much is actually remembered in regards to the odd holidays that schools would have. Victoria Day, Labour Day, Good Friday, St-Jean Baptiste (Quebeckers) are just a few examples as to days of which young students don’t go to school.

Did we ever actually learn what those holidays stood for? While some of them had religious significance – which we might learn from others – some seem to be there for no reason.

Where did they come from? What led to the celebration, to the specific naming of that day? Why that particular day?

I wonder what people normally do on Victoria Day. Google indicates that Victoria Day was meant as an anniversary for Queen Victoria, who died in 1901, but what do people normally do on that day? When searched upon, images of fireworks pop up, people partying, but do they actually know what they’re celebrating for? When looking around, stores seem to be mostly open at the usual times, and many workers are given the day off.

Next time there’s a holiday, try asking who, what, when, and why?

“Shot of the Esplanade Riel on Victoria Day ” (Credit to qkjosh on deviantart)