After watching Avengers: Age of Ultron, I noticed something that a lot of movies seem to have in common.

“Every time someone times to stop a war before it starts, innocent people die. Every time.” Steve Rogers (Captain America)

When “enhanced people” surface, other individuals find ways to power up to compete with them, as if the power that they have now just isn’t enough. Some people are determined to protect those that they love, but at what cost?

Potentially, we could all turn to be a threat to someone else’s family, to someone else’s world. It just takes the wrong action or the wrong words. Because of that, Ultron might be justified in saying that the only path to peace is to remove the avengers, since they are a group of enhanced power (whether naturally or artificially).

Another interesting point is that Ultron is also right in a sense that people confuse “peace” with “quiet”. Much like the 20th century, there will be times of tension, but no war, or times of countries repairing the damage from the previous wars.

Right now, the world seems peaceful only because countries aren’t trying to kill each other… maybe that’s more of being quiet.

In any case, achieving peace has no perfect solution. Technically, we all have the potential to be monsters, to be killers. By working together to improve the world, we might be able to do just as the Captain says:

“This isn’t about beating Ultron, it’s about proving we’re not monsters.”