As many might know, Concordia University is located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, which is home to one of the largest underground malls, to thousands of international students as well as hundreds of cyclists (because most cyclists nowadays are humans, except for a few animals that were trained beforehand). 

In any case, today had a nice weather – warm with a cooling breeze – and that made it perfect for biking in downtown. My idea of biking downtown was strolling Maisonneuve, looking at the scenery, the architecture and enjoying the breeze .

Nope, didn’t happen. The other cyclists wouldn’t have it. 

Instead of picking a nice bike, I ended up with one of the bixi models where the seat wouldn’t stay still. Instead of strolling, I was pedalling as hard as I could just to avoid getting in a potential accident. I didn’t have time to look at the scenery, nor at the architecture. I barely had time to breathe. 

By the time the crowd died down, I had long passed the university. I parked the bike and sat down on a set of stairs nearby, my knees feeling like jelly. 

How people manage to keep up at that rate amazes me. I was out of breath and any attempt to walk made me look like I was drunk. Everyone was in a hurry to get to their destination and spared no second to slow down, except for the red light (not the Orange, nope. They’ll burn it easily). 

Thinking about it now, it’s not really a surprise how people living in such a fast-paced area might not know their neighbourhood that well. Like driving, the faster you go, the narrower your field of vision. And also similar to driving, we should slow down at an orange light. 

(Now excuse me while I try to walk off the soreness. Now I know what a marathon feels like)