You ever notice a certain smell during a rainy time? It’s not from the grass, not from the soil as it hydrates itself, and not from the frustrated individuals who forgot an umbrella. It doesn’t smell bad, nor does it smell particularly good, but it does smell somewhat natural.

I only learned the name of such a smell after watching the Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. It reminded that there are some smells that can influence how we feel, which explains why places like The Body Shop has like a mix of smells. There are some that can make us feel calm, disgusted, happy, sad, excited, hungry, and even angry.

Smells, like pheromones and hormones, cause a chain reaction which result in a certain behaviour. Rain excites me because of a reminder of a past adventure travelling the rain forests of Costa Rica. It reminds me of the challenges of climbing up the many rocky levels and the mud pit that essentially swallowed my shoes.

While rain is frequent in this time of the year, heavy rain seems to be the most exciting as it almost allows for memories to resurface – the sounds of friends laughing and complaining about the odd terrain all the while being surrounded by the sounds of heavy rain falling onto the natural life, the sounds of a nearby waterfall, and the occasional sounds of a cry of an animal living in the nearby area.

Nothing could ever compare