Ever hear someone say that “all is right with the world”? Or “Why does everybody hate me”? Ever hear the Cartoon Jackie Chan yell that “Today is not my day!”? Ever notice that some say that the glass is half full while others say that it’s half empty? Ever notice that people see the world differently depending on their state of mind?

When I look at people who look down as they walk, I wonder how they see the world. Once being in their position, their view could be dull with no excitement, passing by the world without being notice, or it could be dark, where every person that they pass might be saying things behind their backs.

People who are walking by with a big smile or a bit a dance to their step might see the same world differently. Maybe it’s like in the movies, where they see everyone in the same state or they might tune out the rest of the world as they continue the rest of the world.

To say that one would know how the other sees the world would be a lie. If you think yourself to be happy and actually create stories in which you are happy, then it seems that you might actually be happy. As mentioned before, “no matter how good the disguise, it will always be another version of yourself.” In terms of thoughts, it would seem that thinking of yourself in a certain state might actually cause that state to happen from within.

To write a story where the protagonist is filled with a heated past is to contain a bit of that hatred within the author, even without meaning to. To become a pessimist, it only takes the picturing of all of the negative possibilities in every moment. To become an optimist, it only takes to see the world like Cinderella does – “Not to see the world as it, but as it could be”.

A Half Empty Glass (From ahermin at DeviantArt)