For Olivia Moore and her fellow zombies on iZombie, they are literally what they eat – they eat a brain and inherit some of the person’s traits & memories. For other zombies, well, that’s practically the only thing they know how to do, aside from running/walking.

In the real world, it’s common to see facts on a lot of food that we buy in terms of the contribution that they would add to our overall health. For example, carrots improves eyesight, oranges provide vitamin C, milk provides calcium, fish provides omega-3, peanuts provide protein, apples can help regulate blood sugar and the list goes on and on.

But is it fair to say that just eating healthy is all that takes to maintain a good health? If that’s so, why is that it’s uncommon for people to eat healthy? That people actually prefer to eat junk food rather than something of which could very well save their life later on?

After having an interesting discussion with a friend, something occurred to me. Maybe the reason why it’s common to see people to eat healthy is because it costs more effort and more money (at a first glance). When looking for something to eat, it’s often easier to buy junk food that costs 5$ compared to 10$ for a salad. When making food, it might cost us 30 minutes to a full hour to make a healthy meal in comparison to buying a healthy meal that’s already made. 

Living in a world where no one feels like they have enough time, buying something prepared beforehand seems to be better than having to make it from scratch.  However, making a meal from scratch allows for personalization in the flavour and/or the contents. 

That’s not to say that not having enough time is the reason why being healthy isn’t a first priority. For some, the reason why they choose not to eat healthy is because it looks to be too inconvenient or too expensive. For those, look to places like Subway, where their sandwiches are 5$ to 10$, depending on the size & combo. There are growing alternatives to eating healthier meals around the area; we just need to find them and try them out. 

We all have 24 hours in a day; that’s not changing anytime soon. How we choose to spend those hours is can determine what kind of health we have for our future selves. We can eat quickly and overlook missing nutrition or we can slower (not slowly like a cow), making every meal and adding our own personal touch.