Last month (May 12), the series “Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” finished its second season and is renewed for a third (fan girl squeal). A lot of things happened in the second season – hearts were broken, lives were lost, alliances broken and other formed, and some encountered something that they never thought to have existed.

As I watched the story of “inhumans” unroll, it reminded me about how the world tends to treat anything or anyone who is different than the rest. We might not be individuals who can manipulate the vibrations, see the future, or teleport regardless of being blind, but some of us have certain hairstyles/clothes/homes/hobbies/talents or even names that make us different than the rest. 

Some of us have a heated past with those who took advantage of those differences (Jiaying), while others have accepted these new differences and is working to making others feel accepted by the world (Skye), rather than to be outcasted. 

When the two fought, it’s a state of Mutually Assured Destruction… Until Cal jumps in and saves the day at the cost of his beloved wife. The heart ached, but it seemed like the only viable option to saving the world. Things might have been different if Jiaying’s view could be changed, but that was unlikely, given that she was stubborn like Skye. 

Regardless, whether to be an inhuman or to be simply different, it allows for the possibility to see the world a little differently. The past will always influence how the world is seen, but thinking out positive future possibilities might allow for the chance of cooperation rather than annihilation… Because we might see something that everyone else is overlooking.