Ever have odd things that you would do as a kid for fun? Ever dress up for rain and run through a hose with running water? Ever dress up like a princess and set up a dinner with 3 dolls? Ever build a fort with the cushions and blankets, imagining that there was a giant dragon coming in fast? Ever sleep outside in a tent, imagining that all of those stars were within arms’ reach?

As I grew up, I had gone over such memories, remembering how simple and how silly it was to do those things.

I loved swimming, still do, technically. However, when I go to the pool now, people aren’t really enjoying themselves, but rather training themselves by doing laps from one end of the pool to the next. The only group I see having fun are toddlers and maybe their older siblings who are playing along with them. Somehow, it feels alien, like a kid who came to play in the playground only to find that everyone was training and working out.

Sitting in a tent, the mosquitoes seemsed more of the centre of attention than the hundreds of stars hanging over the see-through roof. Without using electronics, it seemed so quiet, with time slowly passing.

Thinking about this made me remember that movie of Peter Pan played by Robin Williams (RIP Robin). He was once the leader of a group of young kids until he fell in love and stopped believing. He couldn’t fly until he truly believed that he could.

Did the same thing happened to us? Did we grow up and stopped believing in the magic that surrounded us? Did we leave it behind somewhere? Can we find it again? Where would we begin to look?

There are so many questions. However, I think one place to begin is alongside a good friend who would follow you no matter where you go.

As Pumba said, it’s no fun doing it all alone.