How often do you travel? How often do you meet people of whom you haven’t seen in a long time? How often do you travel to places of which you haven’t been to in a while?

How do you make a memory of it? Take pictures? Make videos? Who or what is the focus of those moments?

Travelling to visit family, photos were taken, souvenirs were gathered, laughs echoed the familiar surroundings, and stories were shared from the time apart… But something was missing. 

Unfortunately, it took so long to realize that what I missed was right in front of me… And now I missed the chance. In my head, I run through the possibility of sparing a couple of seconds to create a lasting memory of whom I might never see again. 

My advice to readers – should you go travelling to see family, take photos of everyone. Don’t take it for granted because it might be a long while until the next time. It only takes a moment and you can frame them to be treasured forever.