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June 2015

How did we do that last time? 

Quick – what did you do to survive last winter? Last summer? Last weekend? If you’re the kind to travel occasionally, what did you do during your last travel (bus/train/plane/boat etc.)?

Memory is a funny thing, storing some and ridding of others. How is it that our memory is so selective? I heard in Psychology that memory tends to remember things with emotional attachment as well as things that are reviewed over a long course of time. 

If that’s the case, since summer and winter are each about 3 months long, why is that we can’t remember what we did last time it came around?

Maybe other places have more stable weather during the winter/summer, but it seems that Montreal just loves a surprise during the most extreme times of the year. 

Do you remember what you did during your last break? 


Not a wink of sleep

Ever have a time when you just could not sleep, at all? Even after spending hours in the bed, twisting and turning? With the lights off, the atmosphere quiet, and everyone else to bed?

When I was a kid, it often happened at the sleepovers during summer camp. I just wasn’t sleepy. I’d spend hours looking around, seeing if anyone else was awake (other than the adults, everyone was asleep).

Now, the only time it happens is when I spend an all-nighter… Mostly. But somehow, I find some nights where I can stay awake at my bed without ever feeling sleepy. I’ve heard it being called as insomnia or simply being excited about something that’s going to happen the following day.

The only problem is that, the following day, I feel like I didn’t have a wink of sleep…. Human bodies are odd.

Prove-I’m-Alright Song

I might only have one match
but I can make an explosion

And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

~ Rachel Platten “Fight Song”

Ever have an ordinary day turn into hell within a second? Ever find numb with shock, with immense amounts of sadness, fear and anger? Ever wonder what went wrong as the memories flood back, as if trying to pinpoint the exact moment in which everything went into chaos?

From Psychology, I know that motions are designed to be short lasting, but somehow, it didn’t seem to be short enough. The superego was frantic, trying to correct something that couldn’t be corrected without created a paradox. The endocrine system was in fight-or-flight mode, determined that there was a deadly predatory somewhere nearby. The id wanted to jump into a hole where no light could reach it…

But the ego indicated that there were and are worse possibilities, that the outcome today was minor in comparison to the hundreds of other possibilities. The ego looked to the positive angles of which indicated that there were no injuries and that it was something of which could be fixed.

So, for the moment, it might look bad, but it’s not the end. It will pass, time moves on, and lives will continue. Emotions last only in the short term, unless that moment is relived over and over again. Even if the climax were to be pinpointed, it cannot be corrected. For now, it’s better to reflect on the incident and to learn from it, hoping that it won’t happen again in the near future

A choice of living in the past or in the present

Ever hear of individuals who relive the past by going through their memories for the millionth time? Ever encounter individuals that seemed so carefree of what happened in the past? 

How do they do that?

I once heard that wishing to go back to the past can create a rather negative view on the present. I also once heard that it would be a good idea to acknowledge the past and to remember it only to learn from it. 

Some people live in the past because they remember all of the good times they had back then in comparison to today. Some people live in the present as if to forget everything else. 

To live in the present is a necessity, but to tune everything else out is not. The past is a story of which tells listeners and/or readers events that had already occurred.  We have the potential to learn from those stories, all it takes is an attentive ear. 

Being truthful and being honest

From Psychology, I was often taught that, by the age of 5, almost every kid had lied about something (like who ate the cookie, who made a mess, etc.). From NPR TED Hour, I got the impression that we lie to ourselves for protection (better safe than sorry) and that some actually make lying a profession of theirs (illusionists & magicians). From friends, I got the impression that people lied so that others wouldn’t worry or to make things seem better than they actually are. 

If that’s the case, how truthful are people? From the class Self & Society, I was given the impression that there is no absolute truth, that there is only relative truth, where it is considered to be the truth so long as it benefitted someone. To go on a week without telling a single lie… Is that actually truly possible?

Raymond Reddignton from Blacklist said at the beginning of the series that, while speaking to Elizabeth Keen, he would never lie to her, but also that he would never tell her the whole truth. I wonder if honest people are like that, purposely giving partial answers to avoid having to explain everything or to simply avoid lying.  By giving partial answers, they would let the other party assume the wrong thing. Therefore, when they find out, the honest person would look like a liar, but isn’t in fact a liar. 

Jarvis from Agent Carter said that while he might never tell his wife the truth about his actions, that he would always be honest. In relationships, being truthful is a big thing, something that many consider to be the thing to hold the group together. But what if things don’t go as planned? Do you lie then, or do you maintain that honest profile and lead the other to the wrong assumptions? 

Being an honest person seems to be very different from being a truthful person. To be a truthful person seems to mean to explain everything and to not leave anything for assumption. To be an honest person seems to be someone of whom would not tell a lie, but also rarely (if not ever) tell the whole truth. 

Which are you?

S.H.I.E.L.D – Being inhuman and being different (Review) (Slight Spoilers)

Last month (May 12), the series “Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” finished its second season and is renewed for a third (fan girl squeal). A lot of things happened in the second season – hearts were broken, lives were lost, alliances broken and other formed, and some encountered something that they never thought to have existed.

As I watched the story of “inhumans” unroll, it reminded me about how the world tends to treat anything or anyone who is different than the rest. We might not be individuals who can manipulate the vibrations, see the future, or teleport regardless of being blind, but some of us have certain hairstyles/clothes/homes/hobbies/talents or even names that make us different than the rest. 

Some of us have a heated past with those who took advantage of those differences (Jiaying), while others have accepted these new differences and is working to making others feel accepted by the world (Skye), rather than to be outcasted. 

When the two fought, it’s a state of Mutually Assured Destruction… Until Cal jumps in and saves the day at the cost of his beloved wife. The heart ached, but it seemed like the only viable option to saving the world. Things might have been different if Jiaying’s view could be changed, but that was unlikely, given that she was stubborn like Skye. 

Regardless, whether to be an inhuman or to be simply different, it allows for the possibility to see the world a little differently. The past will always influence how the world is seen, but thinking out positive future possibilities might allow for the chance of cooperation rather than annihilation… Because we might see something that everyone else is overlooking. 

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