Ever hear that volunteering can count for a lot in a resume? Ever see that some people take part in a lot of events in which they are never paid for their commitment? Ever notice that a lot of the volunteer work tend to be simple jobs? If they are so simple, why are volunteer positions so highly praised?

T-shirts for the 2015 Just For Laugh Festival! (Bénévole = Volunteer)
T-shirts for the 2015 Just For Laugh Festival!
(Bénévole = Volunteer)

Having just volunteered for the Just For Laugh Festival 2015 (picture), a few questions popped into mind. Over 600 people were part of this group of volunteer, from near and far (and far could mean as far as the Carolina state, as I quickly learned), with some speaking English, French, both, and possibly a few more. As volunteers, we had various rebates on nearby restaurants as well as the foods being sold on the premises. Over the two weeks, there were various assignments, from the simple job of keeping an eye on technology in MDJ to actually bringing the artists from and to their hotels and the theatres (fan squeal).

So, the questions would be, why would doing something so simple have so much praise in the search of jobs? Why would spending hours doing simple and maybe boring tasks be beneficial for us?

From CAPS (Career And Planning Services in Concordia), I learned that we could use those records to explain that we have had various experiences with such odd tasks, like interacting with hundreds of locals in order to promote the business (a.k.a handing out flyers), as well as being able to fluently speak and interact with artists from close and abroad (Marcus Rays, Matt Barrats and Lyric Lewis – Hope to see you next time!).

I also learned that the people of whom are in charge of the volunteering community can be used for future contacts. That is to say that, for those looking for references, these future contacts could give a good word to potential employers. If anything, maybe if a little bit of luck is included, maybe those contacts would later contact us volunteer to offer us a paid job.

While volunteering may seem to be boring, long and/or simplistic, committing time to such events can put a good impression on potential employers. We volunteers could also use the coordinators’ contact for future references. Moreover, volunteering allows for the chance to meet people of whom might share similar interests while living in different parts of the world.