How many movies are watched on a weekly basis? How many seemed to go by so quickly? How many had the audience at the edge of their seats? How many resulted in the reflection in some part of the world?

Movies – around 150 years old – are an escape from the world, lasting anywhere between an hour to three hours. They are in every genre, from Romance to Sci-Fi, from Sci-Fi to Horror, and Horror back to Romance. They cover our past, present and potential future in an attempt to show what our imagination can conjure up in a second.

With the advancement of technology, the effects become evermore realistic, making our sense of reality questionable. There are some movies that seem so unlikely that we wouldn’t worry about it happening in reality while others border on being a real possibility that some would be looking over their shoulder for a while.

Of course, there are also some that are simple in nature, with no advanced effects and tell the story of certain individuals who have lived on this land or maybe who only lived within the pages of a book. While simple, they provide a different angle on life and in a different environment.

Over the past two months, I’ve watched a wide variety of movies, including Mr. Holmes, Terminator: Genisys, Home,The Lorax, Inside Out, Minions – the list goes on! Many were animated, and a few were situated in the most surreal environments while others featured the story of an extraordinary person living an ordinary life.

Some made me laugh, jump out of my skin, and feel sad, but one thing that they did have in common was that they made me think about the world. For Terminator, it reminded me that the world can easy get thrown into chaos very suddenly and that we would be forced to adjust to the sudden and drastic changes. For the Lorax, I was reminded that while we are resourceful, those resources aren’t unlimited. And for Mr. Holmes? I was reminded that, even among the best of us, there comes a time when we should reflect on who are our friends and take a moment to really appreciate them and the times we’ve shared.