Who doesn’t love spy movies? Know anyone with an unusual talent? Ever notice that some street performers can pull the largest of crowds and earn a loud round of applause? Every see someone spray paint a beautiful piece on a sheet within minutes, on the spot? 

There’s something about spy movies that is addicting. Maybe it’s the continuous danger that they find themselves in. Maybe it’s the lengths they go to protecting what they value the most against their oponents. 

In Kingsman, a young man is recruited into a super secret agency to train to be part of the team. Regardless of having a criminal/reckless record, he was recognized for his potential and intelligence in the unusual things. 

In real life, while not every unusual individual is recruited to a top secret agency, unusual people might be recognized for those same values by others who might be in a better position to help out. 

There are plenty of real life examples of individuals being recognized and getting a hand. One of the best examples is school, where some teachers work on team building and finding a way to get everyone involved and for everyone to have fun. Another example are the many programs that work on trying to help the homeless get back on their feet. 

Of course, there’s the simple right-in-your-face example, which are friends. Spending so much time with them, they might be the people who can help with tough times. 

No single life is perfect and no single person is either. There are good days and there are bad, some more than others. That’s not to say that life is completely bad, but that there are obstacles that can be taken down – it’s just a matter of how and with what or who.