Ever think of a plan to be started on a certain date? Ever find the motivation get higher than normal as that date would get closer? Then, ever get with something unexpected?

First, slight rant/complains/summary

This semester started on September 8th, and I started coughing on the 7th (Labour Day for some). By the third day, I had lost my voice and found myself unable to take part in a lot of discussions in class and among friends (I brought a notepad around with me for a few days).

Unfortunately, the cough continued into the second week of school, but by then, my voice had returned somewhat (I just wanted to bury myself in my bed). I found myself leaving the class so as to not disturb the lecture… much.

By the third week, the cough pretty much died down, but left me with a cold (Sneezing/Running Nose/Watery Eyes). In comparison to the first two weeks, I thought it wasn’t that bad, but still – nose was dripping like a faucet.

So, overall, worst first three weeks ever, but I found myself learning a few things.

While I sometimes call myself shy, when I had lost my voice, I found myself wanting to find creative ways to still get involved despite the no-voice. I even started writing a story in my head of someone of whom that had no voice, but could hear, living the life of a university student; I imagined her having pre-written cards in which she would show to new people and maybe even have a T-shirt that said that she had no voice (I can hear, but cannot speak). The story kind of stopped when I got my voice back, but maybe I’ll get to writing it one day (Among the many others).

Another I learned, this is coming from the Nurses at the Health Centre, is that it is possible to catch two colds sequentially (One after the other) and that it is possible for a single cold to last up to eight (8) weeks. Maybe I was just unlucky, but having those symptoms for three weeks seems like two different colds. I was advised to drink a mix of hot water and honey, which I’ve grown to like and find myself drinking it frequently over the week (In fact a found an article on Facebook that might motivate others to do the same)

In the classes, many of my classmates were growing concerned as they saw me leave the class room a few times, coughing. Times like these made me thankful that we students had a variety of technological tools to use in such odd and unlucky situations (Get creative, people).

My original plan at the beginning of the semester was to post every weekday, describing the daily events and possible reflections within the day. Given the events, my mind wasn’t in the best state to be sitting in front of a screen for 5 to 10 minutes when it prefers to be asleep (apparently, oversleep is suggested at such times). However, having gotten over the worst cold ever and seeing others catch a mild version of it, I find myself being thankful for no longer having it while being able to give advice on how to push through the seasonal misery.

(I’m learning Mandarin/Modern Chinese this semester, so maybe I’ll try typing in mandarin. 再见!)