“If all you wanted was love,
why would you use me up?
Cut me down,
Build a boat and sail away?
When all I wanted to do is be your giving tree,
Settle down,
Build a home and make you happy?”
here’s something mesmerizing about watching leaves fall during the autumn. Maybe it’s because they each have different colours, or because they fall in different paths and in different ways. It’s almost like watching it rain rainbow-coloured raindrops. When the leaves have fallen, it’s like the field is beautiful mix of red, orange, yellow and green.
But then, I see people cleaning them up, blowing them away and putting them away into bags. Somehow, the falling leaves remind me of something sad. Trees once lived for decades, if not centuries, but with human intervention, only the lucky ones last. Now, it looks like someone took a long stick and knocked off all of the leaves from the trees to see the beautiful leaves fall, as though seeing it fall once a year wasn’t enough.
The song that I quoted above was what I thought of when I saw that a tree nearby home was being chopped down. It reminded me of the times in history class where I often heard that the land was once filled with tall trees and the fields filled with flowers and grass alike.
It takes decades for a tree to grow, yes, but it gives us access to oxygen. It allows us to have fruits, to have somewhere for animals to call “home” and a reminder that what we have on this planet is limited and finite, taking years to develop and cannot instantly grow back.