Ever hear that one should pursue a career with passion and motivation? Or that the field of study should be something that has peaked one’s curiosity? Ever hear that if you’re interested in something, you’ll be motivated to continue it?

As the first half of my second year comes closer to an end, I slowly realized so many things that are wrong with my way of thinking (in terms of what program I wanted to go into).

I realized that my interests in things like psychology, sociology/anthropology were just interests, noting more. I mean, a job like a detective’s or like Bones’ sounds like so much fun… If I knew what I was doing and if I was good at it.

Things like psych/soci/anth are mostly theory based, where the application is only in research papers or in everyday life. However, because it’s theory, it can be modified or rejected by individual cases.

In Concordia University, they offer a few tests of which can indicate which careers would suit certain personalities – that are the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory. I won’t go too much into details, but they can give ideas only and are not to tell you that you have to go into it.

Anyways, both tests didn’t have Psych in the top twenty, let alone any other Social Science field… but they did point towards more science-orientated fields, like engineer, science teacher, and even a nurse!

So what am I aiming for now? Computer Science. Why? It can be science related, but first requires some math background (Cal I & II, Linear Algebra). I know, big difference between Sociology and Computer Science, plus I know almost nothing when it comes to programming. However, I tend to pick up quickly on patterns, which is a core part of programming. Plus, math is something that I’m usually good at. Because of these two, I’m confident that I can do well in it (just got a shot of dopamine in my head 😀 ).