Ever see how erratic people can be during this time of the year? Ever see the parking lots of shopping malls just minutes after it had opened? Ever see people arguing with the employees for a sale or for the purchase of a particular item?

Whether you’re eight years, eighteen or even 68, the week of Christmas is crazy in almost every aspect – there are sales in every store and thousands (if not millions) of items are being bought online. Kids are impatient while waiting for Christmas and for Santa to drop by their homes to shower them with gifts.

But.. do we really need all of these things that we’re buying? On the TV, there are frequent commercials that indicate using debit over credit to avoid debt in the following year. People are lining up hours in advanced to catch a sale and looking in all directions for a spot to park.

I’ve heard recently that as we grow older, our Christmas lists grow shorter and the things that we really want are not things that can be bought. Things like an overdue Family Reunion, A break from work, Karaoke with Friends, to catch up with favourite TV shows, reading those books that you always wanted to read – they’re not things that can easily be bought, and even if they were, it wouldn’t feel the same.

Wanting is a desire from the mind – something that is interesting to have as a possession, not necessarily as a tool of sorts. Needing is a necessity – something of which is required.

Those moments with family, friends or even with a favourite book – they’re all things that many of us need as a way to get back in touch with others and with ourselves. The other things – toys, electronics, clothes – they’re just one of the many ways to invite people to connect with others (or to reconnect).

Just remember, not every one can afford the items of the highest value – maybe that’s why people say that it’s the thought that counts. And those items? There are other ways to buy them without fighting or waiting in a long line.