To have a post on Christmas, is it expected for it to talk about what happened on Christmas? Or to talk about the things that were bought in the process of preparation of today?

I could talk about what I did today or I could talk about the things that I may have thought to buy for those of whom I hold dear, but would that be too mainstream?

Somehow, I feel something changing – I’m more conscious of my actions and the consequences of them even without acting out in the real world. I’m more appreciative of the little things and I seem to have taken a widen perspective of the world and the people in it.

While a lot of people will probably find themselves doing the typical things on Christmas – Opening gifts, having big dinners, hanging out with dear ones – I know quite a few that find other things to do.

Being a university student, I met a lot of international students who travelled a long way to be a student of Concordia University here in Montreal. In the process, they’re a long way from their families and friends. Maybe it’s because they can’t afford a round trip back home and to arrive back in time for the next semester.

Many of my friends are simply staying at their place/apartments on Christmas, maybe celebrating today with their roommates. While their celebration might not be as big as many others, it means a lot for them to not spend Christmas alone.

As Madge Arwell said, “You shouldn’t spend Christmas alone, and your friends shouldn’t spend Christmas without you.”

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a happy new year. IMG_0256