I tried to make the weather from yesterday and today sound funny… obviously needing some improvement.

Anyways, if you’re in the area (Ottawa & Toronto included), chances are you’ve seen a lot of snow fall in the last… 36 hours? Here in Montreal, we’re supposed to get about 35 cm (equivalent to 14 inches) of snow.

So, when I woke yesterday morning, there were thousands of pictures all over social media about the ridiculous amount of snowfall:

Via MTL Blog – Montreal Breaks Snowfall Record

There are many, many others, but I couldn’t get the link (poke around Instagram – there are a few funny ones there).

Yesterday, trucks were clearing the roads every two hours while people cleared their driveways every 3. On the other hand, I found myself having cleared half of the driveway after an hour (snow had covered up a lot of the progress). On the road, everyone was going about 30, maybe 40kph (let’s just say less than 30mph) because of the snow sticking to the tires and the very low visibility.

Today was pretty much the same, but to a lesser degree. People were still cautious of the road conditions and a few found themselves on the side, unable to get out.

I want to say that, as Canadians, we should get used to snowfall, but we always seem to be caught by surprise when it does come and almost always seem under-prepared (if not prepared at all). Best of luck to everyone having a snowy winter!