Ever go on with a day when you suddenly find that someone you recognized had passed? Or that it was someone you follow on social media? Or someone who was around your age?
In a world where anything and everything is shareable, the world seems to have gotten much smaller, yet when someone dies, there’s a certain disconnect and connect with that person.
Enter Christina Grimmie. Previous contestant of The Voice, she was incredibly popular on YouTube and often collaborated with other YouTube artists like Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui and Mike Tompkins (which is where I first heard her voice). Being around my age, I admired her for her accomplishments and loved a lot of her music.
Then, when news spread that she had died on Saturday, I automatically disconnected, thinking that they were joking, but the posts kept popping up with fellow artists saying their condolences, News reports on TV making a 30 second mention of it..
She was gone. One day she was a growing music star and now she had been seen as a victim of gun violence or that she was too young to die. The connection would be that she was close to my age and I knew some of her work.
The point to this is that in this technology world, social media allows for connections to people in different parts of the world, but also a disconnect for not knowing them on person-to-person basis. Since the beginning of the year, many well-known individuals had died and for many of them, they had funerals where thousands attended. The attendees might not have known them personally, but those individuals were still deemed as an important part of their lives.
Rest in peace,Christina Grimmie. I will miss you for your music and for your ecstatic presence on social media.