Ever been asked whether you’re a leader or follower? Ever wonder how people become leaders? Or how come some people stay as is?

Recently, I took part of a workshop that talked about “Collaborative Leadership.” We talked about people of whom we thought as good leaders (& those of whom we thought as bad) and what we could do to improve either for the better.

When I was looking around, I first felt out of place since most of the other participants were leaders of a student body. I felt like… like I was a leader-wannabe.

However, as I came to understand, I wasn’t the only one who had little to no confidence in their “Leadership” skill. As we brainstormed on the characteristics of the good and the bad, I found myself participating a lot, compared to hiding away in a little corner. I also found that some of my own characteristics proved to be helpful in the activities.

If I were to point out something I learned during the workshop it would be that being a leader is not something you’re born with that, but rather something that you pick up with experience. In order to gain the experience, it’s best to be prepared to ask questions and to listen attentively. As they say, “you never know until you try”.