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“Ever wonder what was going on in someone’s head?” (Review) (Spoilers)

Ever wonder how someone is almost always smiling, even when everything might seem at its worst? Or wonder how someone could have the shortest temper, getting angry at the smallest thing? How someone could come up with lots of worst-case scenarios and is prone to high levels of stress? Or maybe there’s someone of whom thinks of only the negative, insistent that nothing will go as they would like it to go?

Inside Out is a movie that demonstrates what goes on in someone’s head, specifically with their emotions. I remember hearing that, while there are many emotions, most can be derived from a few main ones: Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Fear (Personally, I’m not sure where Disgust comes from).

Seeing it, the difficulties of the teenage life come to mind. First of all, there’s the physical growth spurt. Second of all is the fluctuating hormones. Thirdly, we tend to try to be more mature than we actually are. Fourthly (maybe most important of all), we’re in a new environment with different teachers, different kids, and a different school altogether. Fifth and maybe the final, with the new environment, we might be forced to find new friends and might be left alone to make our own decisions, which might be something new to us.

Becoming a teen is no easy feat. There were stories that stated that reaching 16 meant adulthood in the past. Neuroscience and Biology might say otherwise, with studies that suggests that teens wouldn’t be fully matured until 21 on average. Nowadays, some places say that 18 is the legal age while others say that 21 is the legal age.

So, is that what all teens are aiming for? To become an adult as soon as possible? Or maybe they’re like Riley, who wants desperately to go back to a time and place where everything was happy, where everything stayed the same and she didn’t have to worry about anything changing.

Even as we become adults, not everyone has a…. harmonious balance of their emotions (that’s putting it lightly). Some might still have their Anger being actively engaged in daily activity. Some might have the other emotions struggling to pull Sadness off of the console. And some might let Joy lead the other emotions everyday.

Either way, Joy, Sadness, Anger and Fear are crucial to an individual’s understanding of the world. And you know what – maybe Disgust represents our instincts that are deeply ingrained. Our memories are the foundations of different parts of our personality. We’ll have our down moments, but we’ll also have our up moments. I said that the five are crucial – that means that they’re crucial as a team because one or three can’t manage the console alone.


“Imagine a world where nothing is impossible” (Review)

Frank Walker: “Why now? Why Her?”
Athena: “Because she hasn’t given up.”

A world where anything could happen, where people weren’t afraid to try things out or to fail. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. 

In a recent article I read, the director mentioned that Frank lost hope not as he aged, but also as the machine he made counted down to the World’s End with what seems to be 100%.  

Thinking about it, Frank had many dreams and hopes and energy when he first came to Tomorrowland. He had enough energy to power a jetpack… With a little help from a machine. 

It’s like many of us when we were kids – we had dreams, we had the craziest of ideas – but then, we stopped. 

It was like we were all running to get to the end when, all of a sudden, the adults who were once cheering slowed us down and pulled us out of the race. All of that adrenaline, all of that dopamine, and that cortisol just suddenly stopped and along with it, the creative juice. 

As we would grow into teens, we would kind of stumble trying to find something that we could do, something else that we could run to without having other people stop us. As a result, some of us would just give up before even beginning (I.e. Frank). 

And finally, as adults, we stop our own creativity before it even gets a chance to flourish. Others are no longer a problem because now, it’s us who’s stopping the race before it begins. 

Watching this reminded me that growing up shouldn’t stop us from dreaming. We don’t need a secret place to not be afraid to try anything. We have the potential, the resources and the time to try something new. And just maybe, what we do can change the world and stop the counting clock.  

“Have Courage and be Kind”

Yesterday, I finally had the time to watch Cinderella, which was a bit heart-breaking and heart warming. 

Like many other Disney movies, you can often draw a lesson of which you can learn from watching it. As I watched the movie, it reminded me of how no matter the hardships, people always find a way to distract themselves, to remember the good times and to have hope that the hardships will one day be over. 

To have courage and to be kind is the hope in which you are treated like how you treat the world. “What goes around, comes around.”

No matter the hardship, there will be good moments filled with happiness and love. It could last for just a minute, an hour, a day, or even longer. Just remember those times and think about how the world isn’t all bad, that there are other possibilities. 

Spend a moment to admire the world around you. Look at the animals, nature and maybe even the stars at night. Imagine a story in which what your dream becomes a wish that comes true, thanks to a little bit of magic. 

Because, as the fairy godmother said:

“She didn’t see the world as it is, but rather, as it could be.”


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