Long long overdue!

In mid to late April, I had said that I wanted to find a few ways to motivate myself by May 10th. However, by the 8th, I was pretty confident that I had enough alternative methods to keep my motivation in check.

I consulted with the advice from the Workshops at Concordia University. I looked into the advice given by a fellow blogger and got some ideas from that. I also posted reminders on the blog itself to remind myself (which didn’t go so well).

What did I find? Well,

  1. Post-it + iPhone: Using a couple of Post-Its, I wrote a list of things to be done on the back of my phone. As I completed the list, I crossed them off and took them off the back. It was a physical and constant reminder of things that I have yet to complete. The only problem is that it can come off rather easy (maybe use tape?)
  2. The Strangest Secret: Listening to the audio-clip from Earl Nightingale, it got me thinking about what I really want to do first. Surprisingly, I actually found it hard to answer because I wanted to a lot of things at the same time. He challenged the listeners to make a habit that is to be kept for 30 days. My own challenge? Write a post for 28 days
  3. Milestone:While playing with the layout of the blog, I notice that I could add milestones to the page. Since I frequently (if not obsessively) check the blog, I thought that it would act as a reminder as to how much time is left til a certain deadline. Unfortunately, it did not work as planned since I mostly check the mobile app and the milestone doesn’t show up unless I choose to see the mobile blog site


Now that I’ve listed it, it seems rather obvious that I’m sticking with the Post-Its being on the back of my phone. If anything I’ll tape it to the back of my phone so that it doesn’t come off. The only tricky part is to keep a pack of Post-Its and a pen handy.

In terms of posting, it forces me to slow down. For someone who probably talks at 200 words a second, it’s one heck of a challenge, but it comes with a lot of unexpected surprises. When writing, time seems to tick by fast, as the words come easily and the stress fades.

I’ve seen students write meticulous details in their agendas, down to the minute. I’ve seen others keep a huge list of 20+ things to do in their head without losing track. I’ve also seen some improvise as they go along and they work fine.

Whatever the method, try some out. Ask others, see how they do it, maybe try it yourself. If anything, do your own customization. If you do customize it, it might make you even more motivated to get it done!