Since I’m making the habit of checking here a lot, it would act as a reminder

1. Did it work?

I would think so, since I felt it to be a public thing of which I would need to keep y end of the bargain (so to speak)

2. Was it easy? Hard?

It was rather easy. Since I visit the blog a lot, I was often reminded how many days were remaining until my posted deadline

3. Was there any customization involved?

The only customization was the order in which I put them in. In this scenario, I put them chronologically (which was due sooner). However, I could also put in a priority manner – which had more significance?

4. Were there any difficulties?

Maybe because I’m new to the features of WordPress, I wondered what would happen should I complete the task before the deadline – would I have to delete it? Would it somehow remind me? Not being keen on trying it, I tried to finish the first task – listening to Earl Nightingale – before the deadline came around.