I’ve never actually drawn a cat. When I was a kid, I would draw dogs, dragons, and the occasional cartoon characters, but never an actual cat. Recently, I wanted to try over the summer, so I took a screenshot of virtual furball, who is being taken care by CARROT (and is being taught the weirdest things).

Since he’s made so simply, I might be able to make a sticker of him and include him on a bunch of photos….

Steps would be as follows:

  1. Learn how to draw a cartoon cat
  2. Draw a cartoon cat that would fit Maxwell’s physical form (minus the moustache)
  3. Draw a general character profile
    1. front view
    2. back view
    3. bust (head & Shoulder)

(No set deadline yet)

Maxwell, the virtual cat
I put him in a hipster outfit… might change it later.