Post-Its + iPhone
Simple – write a list of things that you plan on doing in groups (preferably in sequential order). As you complete them, cross them off and remove from the back of your iPhone

1. Did it work?

It acts as a physical and constant reminder, so yes.

2. Was it easy?

It was easy because I knew that the list had to be small and relatively short (any longer and it wouldn’t fit on the back).

3. Was there any customization involved?

Overall, there was no customization involved because I didn’t categorise what colour went with which category/label. However, I did think of taping it onto the back since it occasionally came off.



4. Were there any difficulties?

There were a few small dilemmas. For one, depending one how detailed I made the list, I sometimes would have too many Post-Its. Moreover, I would sometimes use a lot of Post-Its. For another, sometimes, the Post-it’s would come off.