When it comes to Uni, we students are going to get a lot of work, whether it’s assignments, quizzes, midterms, Take Home Exams and the dreaded Finals.

Especially during the final weeks of classes, it is often hard to have motivation to put in the effort to get them done. In Concordia, there are several resources that gave me nifty motivational tips and I hope to share them.

Being someone who likes to try new things, I might try one and then another, or even do a mix of both.

By May 10th, I plan on finding various ways to keep myself motivated to do what I would like to do.

Steps involved:

  1. Review workshop notes
  2. Seek advice from fellow bloggers?
  3. Seek advice from Student Success Centre (at Concordia)
  4. Seek advice from Learning Specialist (at Concordia)
  5. Apply & post picture
  6. Try it for a week
  7. Reflection
    1. Did it work?
    2. Was it easy? hard?
    3. Was there any customizing involved?
    4. Were there any difficulties?